Red Party Fun and Burst of Bah!

11001006_1541046342816447_1348041985_oYears ago a sweet friend invited me to her family’s Red Party. It was on Valentines Day and was meant for family and friends and ALL the people you love, not just the commercial Vday stuff. So, it seems like for the last 12 years or so, I have thrown my own! Being in a new place, I was a little worried no one would show, but in the end, we had a great turn out of families and fun friends. Unfortunately the weather got yuck and the outside party became more of an inside one…and I took very few pictures.

We made baked ziti, meatballs, salads, chicken and tons of yummy desserts. The kiddos all played together in the playroom and even humored the pregnant lady by jumping in the bounce house outside, in the cold, in the snow. Maybe it was my hormones or emotions or I just have the greatest friends, but next thing I knew, all the gals were cleaning the kitchen and putting the house back together and I was seriously in tears (such a mush!)

On another note, this weekend was huge for us getting this house ready for little dude. My huge burst of energy came and seriously, he can now come at any time. I remember feeling this with G. This weekend we got the drapes up in the boys room, hung everything on the walls, transformed our downstairs closet (its large) into a guest room. Our freezer and fridge are stocked. All laundry and diapers are done, the dishes are done, the dishwasher empty, floors vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned. There is really nothing else to do. Nothing. Well, except have a baby so the waiting begins. We are 38.3 today with 7 days until our go day; however my good friend Tari who really has a crazy intuition says the 18th is our day. We shall see.

(boys room on the left and guest room on the right)



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