It’s just the way it is

This video is floating around facebook today and it cracks me up. I clean at naptime. And when Adam brings G to the gym with him, then Adam and I both clean again after G has gone to bed. 3 times a day.

But here is the reason why…I CAN NOT stand to wake up to a messy house. When G was first born, Adam and I had a long talk, after a few weeks of me being an emotional basket case and hoping Adam just got my hints. With the baby, I always woke to do night time feedings as Adam had to work the next day. I didn’t get too mad when I heard him snoring in the bedroom and I was up for the 5th time, in tears, breastfeeding and playing stupid candy crush to keep me busy as G ate, and ate and then eventually fell asleep (oh goodness, this is going to happen AGAIN in just a few days!!)

I always just hoped that Adam would figure out what I needed from him, without having to tell him…how dumb of me! All I would do it get mad, frustrated, irritated and we would blow up in some stupid argument that could have been prevented if I was just honest with what I needed. So now, almost 2 years later, Adam still helps to ensure that every night the house is put together so we can wake up and destroy it the next day.

The more and more I talk to moms in my February baby group whose babies are already here, and seeing posts in the Denver mama support pages etc, so many of them tackle this same topic…my husband, he doesn’t get it. And I have the same advice, don’t hint, don’t beat around the bush, just tell him exactly what you need. It is then of course up to him to actually do it…but hopefully, to keep a nice cooperative marriage, he will.

So, full circle, this is what this video makes me think of, as well as cracks me up because G so does almost every single one of these things and he is by far much older than the little one in the video.

I so can’t wait for 2 monsters to be doing it at the same time!!!

And PS. my husband is the best there is!

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