Jake’s Birth Story

Yes, we had a planned csection. I kept going back and forth but in the end, best decision EVER! This planned csection…absolutely SUCH a different experience than Gavin’s birth. We woke up, got ready, did some things around the house. Dropped G off at my Mother-In-Law’s house and drove over to the hospital. Adam, my Mom and Myself.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe parked the car, walked up to the 3rd floor and checked into labor in delivery. We saw some of the nurses I knew from my previous visits and one traded patients so she could be with us through delivery.

We were brought into a room, told to change and vitals were taken. I had an iv inserted (4 times!!! they missed twice, one busted and bruised and then 4th time was a charm) then we waited. Throughout the next 2 hours, we were introduced to the anesthesiologist, his assistant, the baby nurse, my doctor, the resident (whom I also knew from a previous visit) and the doctors assistant.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAt just past noon, we walked into the OR (yes, walked!) I climbed up onto the very narrow bed on my own. Adam sat next to me, everyone suited up, the anesthesiologist did his thing. The next thing I knew, my legs were numbing up and they said ok, let us help you lay back, the screen went up. Everything was quiet. The next thing I knew, they said here he comes. I felt a little tugging and pressure, then, up above the curtain, like baby Simba, was Jake!

The doctor waited a few minutes to be sure the cord had stopped pulsing (per my request) Adam went with the nurse, cut the cord, cleaned up Jake and then, he was brought to me. The whole time they were getting me back in one piece, I had Jake on my chest. The sweet nurse, Sarah, brought over the cord, the vernix, and the placenta.


As Jake was looking around at the world, Sarah explained how the placenta worked, stretched it so we could see how Jake lived inside and showed us all the nutrients that were inside.

The n11030277_1544879385766476_1925559264_oext thing I knew, we were wheeled into recovery, my Mom came in, Adam actually packed my placenta in a cooler for pickup (remember, I am making it into capsules).

An hour or two later we were brought into our room and that was it. I felt great. The pain killer wore off and I honestly was able to stand up and move about pretty quickly.

Throughout the last 3 days, Gavin has visited twice and been very interested in his baby brother. When Jake cries, Gavin gets concerned and worried. Gavin has kissed him, ignored him, licked him and run away from him. Grandma and Mimi have both fallen in love again. Uncle Shawn came by and showered both his nephews with the greatest love. And I have just felt like pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

Screenshot 2015-02-26 at 8.34.28 AM 11025874_10204646654658764_7283779428356505780_o

I have not taken any pain pills stronger than Motrin and my incision looks as if it was never even opened. There is some bruising and of course i am sore. Today is day three and my milk is in. Actually this morning I used the hospital pump and get 2.5oz in less than 5 minutes. It was pretty incredible. I think the worst part is that I have had to cough for about 3 days and I refuse as I know how bad it hurts (not much to complain about considering!)


All of my nurses here at Rose Medical have been great. The pediatrician, my doctor, the day shift and night shift all are so helpful and attentive. The food from room service is AMAZEBALLS! They even call me around meal time to remind me to order!

We had a photographer from the hospital come to our room to snap newborn shots and the car seat tech will check out our car before we go home to make sure both G’s and Jakes seats are installed properly. Little dude is peacefully snoozing away so I am going to go ahead and take a little snooze myself.


I seriously can not believe how amazing this journey has been!

read about Gavin’s Birth Story here


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