I’ve been waiting for you…

mom2I’ve been telling Adam and my brother for months now that I have been waiting for the dream. The dream where people who have passed away come visit you in your sleep. Last night, almost 6 months to the day since I last spoke with you, you appeared.

You looked perfect.Tall, and in amazing shape, wearing a shirt dress with a belt. Your leg muscles were so pronounced and I couldn’t get over how tall and perfect your skin was. I knew it was you. I couldn’t see your face that clearly, and you had an oxygen tube on your face, but you were incredible.

I was on my way to a hotel on the beach when I came upon a grand opening for a new Disney Cruise ship, the Dreamland. I went over to the boat and into the swimming pool. It was then that I saw you and followed you over to the elevator. You hugged me and squeezed so tight, your words were just, “I know.” over and over.

I then woke up to Avilene crying. I woke Adam and told him of my dream and then I cried. Tears poured out of my eyes as I went through all of the scenarios to the answer of “I know.”

This morning, over coffee, I feel a small sense of peace which seems to be a little stronger then my sadness, for the first time in a very long time. When researching dreams of loved ones, I came across “Visitation Dreams.” Dr. Reith states these characteristics…

8 characteristics of true visitation dreams

True “visitation dreams” are actually very easy to identify because they are very different than “everyday dreams.” Characteristics of most (but not all) visitation dreams include the following:

  • Characteristic #1:  The most important characteristic of a true visitation dream is that it feels “real.”  It will also be very vivid.
  • Characteristic #2:  If you have to ask whether the visitation dream was really a visitation dream, then it probably was NOT a visitation dream.  They are so real and vivid that you won’t have to ask this question.  When you do have a visitation dream, you may wonder if it was truly real; but in your heart or gut, you will “know” it was real.
  • Characteristic #3:  Because they are so real and so vivid, you will remember visitation dreams very clearly for days, months, years . . . probably for your entire lifetime!
  • Characteristic #4:  The person (or animal) will almost always appear in the dream to be completely healthy and behaving in a loving manner.  They will rarely appear sick or injured.  They will never be angry, disappointed, depressed, or punishing.  They will be “whole, complete, and perfect” because they are now reconnected with God/Source energy.
  • Characteristic #5: Whether or not they speak to you verbally in the dream, they will communicate very clearly.  (NOTE:  As you’ll see in the next two examples, in neither of the dreams did actual verbal communication occur; the messages were conveyed telepathically and were completely clear.)
  • Characteristic #6:  When they do communicate (either verbally or non-verbally), it isn’t because they want to engage in idle “chit-chat.”  It isn’t easy for deceased loves ones to enter a dream.  They come with a purpose, and they will convey the message and then be gone.
  • Characteristic #7:  Most often, their messages fall into the category of “reassurance.”  They come to let you know that they are fine and that they want you to be happy.  Occasionally, they will come with a warning; however, when giving a warning, they will give you loving support and you will feel reassured by their presence.


  • Characteristic #8:  After a visitation dream, when you wake up, you will often be filled with a sense of peace and love.

Imom do believe my dream was real. I spoke with my Grandma on the phone this morning and she said that her Mother used to talk about this. The first thing she asked me was, “What did she give you?” She said that they will always give you something in your dream. If they take something, that isn’t a good thing, but what they give is most important.

I guess, in the end, she was giving me the knowledge to know that she knows how I feel, she knows what is going on and she was consoling me. She didn’t say anything about agreeing or disagreeing. She didn’t put forth any indication of wrong or right. She only gave me what I needed, a hug and the words of understanding, that only your mother can give you.

I do hope she comes back soon to give me more strength, talk about my kids or give me more comfort.

But, after last night, I do know that she is the best version of herself, happy and healthy…and sailing away on a trip,which is something she had always wanted to do.



  1. I started crying when I read your post. This is crazy… I can relate.. The thing is my grandfather died half a year ago and last week I dreamed of him, it felt so real, I could not go to back to sleep when I woke up. I haven’t told anybody about it yet, out of fear of people calling me crazy. My grandfather visited me in his dream and counseled me on what to do in the negotiations about his last will and at the next negotiation for his estate, I tried to echo his words from his visit in my dreams and now it looks like there will be peace in my family. Thank you for sharing your story. I thought I was the only one with dreams like this. It felt like freakin’ Inception!

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  2. Mom visited with me 1 week after she passed. I have a one way conversation with her every night and speak with her daily.. Occasionally she sends me signals that show that she hears or sees me. Some times I interpret these as dreams or sometimes they are so very real. I read the blog and all those signs are very real. I do miss your mom very much. We had 39 years together and fought cancer the the last 17. This included mostly times where I tried to comfort her. She felt the pains of cancer throughout her body and my only way of responding to that was being by her side almost 24/7. We cried together all too often. In my dreams I do see a very healthy and spirited wife. I do see a mother who cared so much for her children, mom, grandchildren and her husband. I try to remember the good times, though they were few and far between chemo treatments. I tried to vacation with her, but she would invariably get sick to a point where I turned from husband into caregiver at a moments notice. Dr. Z even yelled at me when she had a small incident and didn’t keep him posted. Fortunately they were few and far between. Nevertheless, he seemed to always have the answers. He always provided us with honesty and optimism. In my dreams I asked for one more miracle, that Dr. Z could giver her another year or two, but that was not to happen. When I am lonely, I thank of her instantly, especially the few times she was well. Sorry for venting, but I just wanted to let you, Nicole Damiano and your brother, Brandon Appel know that I try my darndest to focus on family and love for each of you and your children. My love for your grandmother, Barbara Fermonm is profound and not too many son-in-laws can claim that. She also is continually on my mind. Even though I sometimes spread myself thin, I always attempt to put family first. Sometimes not too successful, but I do try. My consulting and our business, Avon, keep me occupied. I am also a survivor and love you so very much. I will try to keep up my end…..just bear with me during especially trying times.


  3. Dear Nicole,

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes. It gives me such happiness to know that you got your little piece of reassurance from your beautiful mother. I cannot put into words how beautiful your experience is to read but it touched every place in my heart. You are a beautiful soul and only good beautiful things and people will surround you. You are forever loved. Thank you for sharing this beautiful visitation dream.




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