Kids Travel Journals


Before the kids, Adam and I were nomadic travelers. Living and experiencing life through eyes that absorbed everything around us. We took in as much as we could using our senses and movements.

We took a bit of a break when the kids came, but when you look back on it, not that much of a break. We just traveled differently. I decided to make travel journals for the kids. Starting from when they were born until today. Each one has their own composition notebook. As you can see, Gavin, at not quite 4, has experienced 12 states (we drove through a few more, but I am not counting them).

Travel-journal-pageFrom here on out, I found this printable from we3travel and will be using it in each of the places for Gavin to dictate to me about his experiences, draw a picture and glue in stubs. I also plan to go back and print a picture from each trip and insert it onto the page for the kids.

I am super excited to see where this goes and how their year turns out. I believe our littles are adapting quite nicely to the nomadic life.

Big travels are on their way, stay tuned for some fun experiences and blogging!


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