airbnb freedom

Have you ever used airbnb before?  The first time we used it, we went to Portland, OR and stayed in an awesome studio apartment high rise over looking the city. It was a small space, super trendy and maybe not the best place to bring the littles… but it had a HUGE window that the boys could look out of and see the train go by.  (I was also VERY pregnant)13528237_1705139529740460_6477455863018054496_oEver since, we always price check airbnb against hotels to see if it would be the better choice for us. It allows you the comforts of a laundry machine and a kitchen…and with kids… it is a huge help.

We have been wracking our brains lately trying to figure out how to make some extra money to allow us to travel. Since we are so fortunate that Adam works from home and the kids aren’t in school yet, we have to take advantage. It seems like you save and save only to be able to go on one quick trip a year if you are lucky. So, for the heck of it, we listed our home on airbnb. You can view our ad here.


Much to our surprise, our place booked for a week within the first three hours. Then, two days later it was booked again. Shortly there after, a family booked it for 6 weeks. So BINGO maybe we had just found our calling. This allows us to go away on basically a free vacation, as long as the one we book is equal to or less then what someone is paying to book our place. We hired a cleaning lady to help with the cleaning in between visitors and collected a lot of local goods to create a Welcome Basket when the guests arrive. We are so excited about this new adventure.

So, now…. we have a LONG trip to plan. Stay tuned!

(the place is still available for 1 week in May and 1 week in June…and the whole month of July… so tell your friends.)

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