Washington State

Adam and I first set off traveling together just 4 short months after our first date. December 25, 2007 we went to Washington State together. Then, it was Costa Rica… then Korea and well, the website shares from there. Our relationship lifestyle hasn’t been quite like most. We live with the idea of living as we wish and experiencing everything we can get our hands on.

Ever since the beginning we have talked for hours and hours about all of the places we want to go, the things we want to see and what we want out of our life. The rote every day routines just aren’t really for us. We thrive on the unknown, the change, the unexpected. Fortunately our family and friends are so supportive about all of our choices and know that this is just who we are. They are just as excited as us to see the world through our eyes, to watch our dreams develop in front of us.

Ever since coming  home from Korea and having the kids, we have slowly incorporated travel into our lives. We took Gavin and Jake to Alaska. We have all gone on several road trips. But, our minds are constantly researching how we can do more. How we can see more and experience everything we possibly can in this lifetime. We want to see people and places through the kids eyes. We want to get rid of all the “stuff” and develop deeper learning based on everything we absorb around us.

I found a few families who are doing this as inspiration… The website The Vagabond Family has links to tons of resources and families doing this very thing. And guess what…most have young children. That whole idea of waiting until the kids are older so they remember more isn’t on any ones mind…the answer is truly that these experiences, regardless of how old the kids are shapes their life, their personalities, their values.

The Bucketlist Family

5 around the world

Flashpacker Family

Six in the World

Taking on the World

Our Travel Lifestyle

Many of these families sell all their belongings and use that money to travel. While we are not ready to do something that drastic, we are hoping that our airbnb will cover enough of our every day expenses so that we can afford to start traveling on long trips with our home to come back too.

A quote from Our Travel Lifestyle pretty much sums it all up…

Have you ever felt like there was something in your life that was missing? You have everything that society says you should want – a good 9-5 career, a house with a mortgage that’s getting smaller (but no where near as fast as you’d like it to), healthy kids, a happy relationship, great friends, but something is still missing. There’s no passion in your life.
That was us two years ago.
We’re the Burns Family, a pretty average family of four who decided we weren’t happy with our lives in suburban Australia trying to juggle careers, maintain a house, pay the bills, have a social life on the weekends and most importantly, still finding time for to be with our children. We decided we needed to do something different with our lives. We considered career changes, selling the house and moving suburb or interstate to a smaller town with family nearby, or finding work overseas. But none of that seemed like the right answer.
Instead, in late 2009 we decided to act on a long-term fantasy and travel long term, perhaps endlessly, with our two young children.
Colin started speaking to other families who had done similar travel, or considered it, to see if we were insane. He discovered two facts:
  • Those who did travel long term with their children had no regrets.
  • Those that considered travelling with their children and for one reason or another didn’t, regretted not taking the journey.
We started researching how we could make it happen without lotto or a huge savings account before it finally dawned on us that after running a web programming company for several years there was no real reason we couldn’t work from anywhere in the world.

“Let your dreams take you places,” we shall see where ours takes us from here.


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