One of the best parts about our house being rented on airbnb is that it is forcing us to get up and go.

Two years ago we bought this pop-up. Well, it didn’t look like this. It was pretty basic and well used. We fixed it up into our very own glamper. We tend to take it out once or twice a season. Not much, but we try. 

I have to say, it is absolutely one of my least favorite things to do. In theory it would be fun…like when the kids are older, or it is warmer, or the bathroom isn’t a huge hole in the ground.

The day time is great. There is a beautiful view, the boys have more dirt then they could dream of. The sun shines and beats down invigorating your body and soul. We have great food… Prepared chicken salad (thanks Michael!) fruit, veggies, guacamole, turkey burgers, waffles every day, coffee and tons of snacks. We go for walks and play with sticks. We color and have day time camp fires. We see deer and fish and ducks. We sing songs and laugh.

We have all the great family items to camp with, our waffle iron, a go pod, a bike trailer, a clip on high chair, a small portable grill, an electric kettle, a bin of outdoor toys, bubbles and even a kindle with videos for emergiences (moms you know what Im talking about)

But then dinner is over and you begin to anticipate bed time. So, everyone fights and fights to get into their pajamas and wiped down with baby wipes because they are so flipping dirty, but there are no showers. Then we lay in bed and try getting all 3 to sleep…or just one for that matter.

Let’s just say it is 5:45am, we laid down at 7:45pm…and someone one out of 3, some times 3 out of 3 has been screaming all night. We have switched beds, switched sleeping arrangements, put on extra layers, turned on the space heater, been to the restroom down the street three times (once because I forgot the lantern and had to go back)

Lets also not forget that Eunee…the dog…had the runs, in the camper and not only did I smell it, I may have stepped in it. 

So, while all the social media pictures show the fun times…do know that these exciting moments are all part of the memories of this past time that I am truly not a huge fan of…maybe in a few more years.

I do know the kids love it and we are creating some amazing memories.

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