Legoland! -Day 6

A modular wonderland, a brick filled oasis…a plastic paradise. All aptly describe what to date, was Gavin’s most anticipated event….a trip to Legoland, California to celebrate his 4th birthday.

For months, Gavin has known of our plans to visit Legoland and as his affinity for the brick has grown, so too has his desire to ensure that we share the news of this adventure with anyone that had ears…and really, anyone. 

So the day was fineally here, after weeks of waiting. 

After selling Aveline to cover the cost of our tickets and enduring a mild meltdown at the entry (which felt like a parental right of passage for a first time theme park family), we had arrived and holy molly this place was cool.

 Epically sized Lego structures of every kind, all inspiring our inner Gavin to want to build again. 

Our only bummer was that the broham was a few inches too short to get on most of the rides, but we supplemented with food which is more his speed anyway so all was good.

We made our way through the park, dropped a second mortgage on sunscreen and thoroughly enjoyed the day before Gavin’s tank ran dry.

All and all, in true Lego form…”everything was awesome” 😃

After the kids passed out we headed west and found the Ocean. Coating ourselves in sand and sun was a great ending to our tourist day 1.

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