Day 7, Sea World

Today we woke up in our tiny house and had chocolate chip pancakes, made a picnic and headed to the transit center. We took the public bus to Sea World. 

I just have to say that I am very lucky to have grown up in Orlando. The theme parks are amazing, nothing else quite compares. The Sea World here was smaller then the Denver Zoo. We saw one show, a few animals and then played in the kids area. 

I do think that it is probably worth waiting until the kids are older to bring them to these places as tourists. 

Jake seemed incredibly mesmerized. Gavin I think enjoyed the bus ride to the park more then the park itself.

When I ask him, he says the best part was the fish that nibbled on his fingers and because he had patience they all snacked on his digits 

We had big plans to bring them into the city after the park but once we got back to our tiny house, our new neighbors (in the other tiny house) had a fire going in the shared patio.

 Susie and Jesse are from Ohio visiting their Marine son who is a drill sargent here. They are super sweet and the kids kept them occupied until bedtime. 

The kids are so darn sneaky though. In two seconds Jake pushed a chair up to the counter and sat himself in his favorite spot…with the water on…in his pajamas and I found Gavin in the bathroom with the door shut sneaking a chocolate pudding!

I think the best part about this vacation so far, is living with weak internet service, no TV and in a small space forcing us to just interact non stop, entertain each other and have fun. 


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