Day 8 USS Midway

Today we packed our picnic and headed into town to see the aircraft carrier. Right in San Diego harbor, the USS Midway has resided since retirement in 1992. 

After the usual fits of why didn’t we take the bus, in hungry and don’t change my diaper, we made our way on board. 

They loved being helicopter copilots the most!

Gavin and his little tour guide self had us all following him so he could tell us all about the ship. I got such a kick out of watching Jake slowly make his way over ever door way. His legs are so short that he kind of swung one leg over and had to shimmy and slide his way over. 

We did not do the audio tour as we just knew that the patience of the boys wouldn’t allow it, but next time for sure. 

I can’t imagine being one of 4500 men and women who lived in such tight quarters. 

We finished our day with another trip to the grocery store and a BBQ with our neighbors. 

Adults are $189 and I believe kids 4 and over were $159. We did Sea World ($69), Legoland ($95,$89), USS Midway ($20, our kids were free.), Zoo ($52, $42) 

That was a savings of $66 (something is better than nothing!)

If we had a little more time or kids a little older we definitely would have squeezed in some of the museums as well. You can often find discount tickets on Groupon and also through Costco if you didn’t want to purchase the go card. 


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