Day 9 San Diego Zoo & The Godfather

We made it out the door dressed with a picnic packed by 9:15…maybe a record for us and headed to the zoo.

Honestly, the best day yet. What a beautiful large zoo with tons of shade. The animal habitats are large and natural. 

The boys may have hit their tourism limit as they were really lacking energy and gumption to do much of anything. 

We did play in the kid area and visit the petting zoo. 

Jakes favorite part was the aviaries. Gavin said his favorite part was seeing the double decker buses. (Note…not an animal at the zoo)

After another successful passing out of 1/3 of our children, we met up with Adams Godfather, Uncle Michael. He lives here in San Diego and it may be close to almost 15 years since he has seen him. 

We had such a special meaningful few hours. Uncle Michael is a environmental attorney who has an incredible dream of travel which is similar to ours. We talked about countries, cities, experiences and dreams. He sat through a meal with all three of our rowdy crew and didn’t bat an eye at their crazy. My heart was so warm and full when we were together. I do hope we get to spend more time in the future with him. 

Suzie and Jesse (our neighbors) came back with glowing rocket-copters for the boys and we spent time in the dark launching them up in the sky and laughing. Pure joy. 

I think a great part about this trip is going to be all the amazing people we are going to meet and see throughout the next few months on our journey. We have plans to see family and friends all over the East and can’t wait to meet the new people who we will cross paths with. 

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