Day 10 The big 4

Today was absolutely an Amazing Day! Gavin turned 4. Avilene turned 7 months. Jake turend 26 months!! 

Usually we celebrate with the ground littered in balloons and streamers hanging from doorways. But due to our tiny home, we had to make some adjustments. 

We decided to spend the day roaming the city. Gavin really wanted to do the duck boats, but after getting pricing we decided against it. 

On our way downtown the kids fell asleep in the car so we decided to take the long route and drove up to La Jolla.  Um, I felt like we were in Cannes France or Monaco. The houses and cars were definitely the “California” you see in movies. 

Eventually we made it back downtown and had a late picnic at Waterfront Park and played for awhile. 

We found Lofty Coffee and the boys had slurpees 

We went to the Firehouse Museum where Gavin became a fireman and saved Avilene!

We went back to the park next to the US Midway and saw a bubbleologist (yes it is a real thing) He made some incredible bubbles for the kids. 

We saw the infamous statue and all I could think of was my Papa. He had a picture of this in his garage and used to say it was him kissing my Grandma. 

We walked over to the Bob Hope dedication and then sat by the waterfront and watched the ships and boats and airplanes go by. 

As a special treat, we had a bike peddler bring us back to our car. 

Once we were back at the tiny house I made dinner, but we must have burnt out a circuit between the electric stove, charging our phones, doing laundry and running the air. So, we sat outside for an hour or so and the boys knocked on the window looking for our neighbors Susie and Jesse. Unfortunately they had checked out and the boys abruptly introcudef themselves to our new Australian neighbors. 

We finished the day cuddling and passed out by 9. 

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