Day 11 No plans are the best plans

We made it out by 10 or so and found a yummy local bagel shop in Point Loma. We had homemade soft pumpernickel bagels with bacon, garlic and basil cream cheese P.L. bagel

We hit the atm,  grabbed our passports and headed to Mexico. Although we expected inspections and questions, we literally drove right in. There was no showing our citizenship, no stamp. 

We headed toward playas and the kids all fell asleep. We drove through a street market, mountains and towns. We had a very hard time finding our way back into the states even though we had a map. Our whole trip lasted about 90 minutes, sadly we bought nothing, ate nothing and literally didn’t even get out of the car. We used it as our nap time excursion. Even the border patrol had a hard time believing we were leaving empty handed. 

We then picked up some coffee and headed to Mission Bay Beach. 

It was overcast and actually really nice to not be too hot. The boys played in the water and sand. Jake naked…Gavin in clothes. 

Of course they got the most amused looks from people walking by. 

We stayed for a good 3 hours then headed back to the tiny house for showers. 

Uncle Michael came over with Thai food from Saffron. Oh it was delicious. We talked more about travel and dreams and funny experiences. Everyone was tired and in extra silly moods and we all passed out around 9:30. 


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