Day 15. Here we go

The last few days have been busy and full of playing catch up. 

We flipped our home for the new tenants, packed up the car, spent time with family, Adam went back to work and we checked into a local hotel to hunker down before our big exit today. 

The kids were happy to be home for less then 24 hours to play with their toys and sleep in their beds. 

The cuddling resumed at the hotel…after close to 2 hours trying to get everyone asleep. 

As soon as Adam finishes work today, we head for Salina, Kansas as our overnight spot tonight. There seems to be a yuck spring storm that just may be following us pretty much for the next 7 days according to accuweather. 

And on a happy personal note…do these pants look familiar to those of you who have been blog followers for a really long time?… Pre kids prana pants….the ones that were bleached in Sim Reap…fit!!! (On the mobile WordPress app I am finding it hard to link for past posts…but if you are interested I am sure you can do a search on the blog for prana or bleach!)

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