Go VW – pack light

I feel like we packed light considering we will be gone for 3 months. 

In our yakima box we have three 31 totes with 3 shacke paks each. One a piece including summer clothes for a week each plus a swim suit, a windbreaker/raincoat, two pairs of pants and 2 long sleeves (5 total) 1 with dirty clothes, 1 filled with duplo blocks, 1 with shoes and 1 with toiletries. We also have a bag with resistance bands up there. 

In the trunk we have the bike trailer for the boys, a tub of dry food, a small cooler, 5 bike helmets, the frog tent for the boys and for the sun at the beach, two cases of diapers and one of wipes (we already had them in the garage and I can’t see not bringing them), our Phil & Ted porta crib and lobster chair, our GB pockit stroller, a collapsible wagon to hold the boys and whatever else we need it for.

Behind the car seats we have some usbourne books, instapot and waffle stick maker,  my backpack (with my makeup, diaperbag stuff, Tracy Anderson DVD, two baby wraps, sunscreen and sunhats) Adams backpack (his computer, hotspot and a bunch of phone chargers), each of the boys have a backpack filled with a kindle, earphones, a magnetic toy tin and their pura waterbottle, a minibag for Avilene which actually holds my bullet journal, stickers and kindle and a bucket of sand toys. Avilene’s little travel bassinet is also behind the seats. 

Our bikes are on the back. 

That lady’s and gents is all we packed!

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