Hotels and kids

It is part of our hotel ritual to anticipate opening the door, checking out the cool new place that will be ours for the night. The crisp linens meant for jumping, all the little sample bottles of shampoo for Jake to spill out on the carpet, the ding of the microwave always at kid level so Gavin can put the remote in it and turn it on.

Lets be honest….hotels do not provide the best entertainment and sleep for children. They have HBO in every room, but never have nick Jr and every parent knows that cartoon network has some bizarre cartoons definitely not meant for kids under 18.

We attempt to pick sleeping arrangements between the pack and play, a sofa bed and one or two beds in the room. After flailing around, jumping between and possibly finally picking a resting spot….someone will fall asleep, someone else will flail or scream resisting sleep and wake the previous mentioned up. 

Then the parental nutjob kicks in thinking about the neighbors and the people below us who hear the kids (and us) losing patience and getting more exhausted and frustrated. 

It is a really fun process….NOT! But yes at the same time. 

Some of the best memories are the kids chatting up strangers at breakfast, the bonding on the sofa bed, the elevator rides and luggage trolley rides. And truthfully, some of the best night sleeps are on those big king size mattresses (regardless if it is because they are comfy or we are just so exhausted by the time we pass out) 

What do you love/hate about hotels with kids?

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