Day 18-22 rain, adventure and a dead battery

Oh I have been slacking on writing…and everything else. The weather is similar to um….the rainforest minus the humidity. It hasn’t stopped raining in days. 

In Little Rock we went to the zoo (on the one sunny day), drove downtown. Saw the longest pedestrian bridge in the US and the Clinton Library. We ate BBQ at Whole Hog and explored the Old Mill.

I personally loved the Little Rock Zoo. It was incredibly kid friendly with play sets around every corner. 

They had huge Koi that you could feed. And just enough animals for us to see before the kids had exhaustion meltdowns.

 We rode the train and the carousel and then headed home. 

When Adam finished up work we loaded everyone in the car and headed downtown. We drove through and saw everything we could. The kids fell asleep so we didn’t get out of the car. The longest pedestrian bridge was old and industrial. There is a docked submarine the kids really wanted to go into but you had to be 4 for admission sl we couldn’t go. 

We then drove to North Little Rock to see the Old Mill which was from the opening credits of Gone with the Wind. The garden was stunning. If I lived local, I could see bringing a book and relaxing on a bench for a few hours. 

We crossed the main road, walked along the lake and found a great park for the boys to play in. A guy who was fishing caught a fish of some sort and let the kids check it out which was super nice of him. Then we finished our night at Whole Hog, a local BBQ joint. 

Now, we are in Memphis and yesterday we went to the Childrens Museum. The Denver one is super crowded and almost too much in my opinion, we must have picked a good day because the Memphis one maybe had 20 families there. The prices were $15 regardless of age, and of course our Denver passes weren’t recipricol. 

But, this museum was so much fun. I guess Fedex, Kroger and I believe AutoZone all have headquarters here so there was an airplane that the kids could load with packages and watch it on a conveyor belt.

 They were able to use flight simulators and go in the cockpit. They also had a large river area where you could fish, a canary room with birds all over. 

There was a kid size Kroger where with actual scanners that worked and printed out receipts at check out, a kitchen and doctors office with a life size game of operation. 

There was a bank and dentist office, a farm and autozone mechanic shop and gas station. 

There was a fire truck, motorcycle and police car along with an art room and disco hall. I also loved that they had a huge 4 and under area with a table Avilene could sit in and play. 

There was a large outdoor area that was closed off because of the weather and a small restaurant run by these two older gentlemen. The food was only $1 for a hotdog or grilled cheese which was nice considering admission. 

When we got back to the hotel all three had fallen asleep so I turned on the hazards and ran inside. I asked the front desk man if there were some employees who could help me bring the kids up to the room. I was getting excited for the first day since we started our trip…3 sleeping kids and possibly an hour or two to myself to shower and maybe eat or have a cup of tea by myself…potentially even work out!

Well two sweet women came out to the car. I gave Jake to one and Avilene to the other. I drove the car quick to a spot, grabbed Gavin and went into the lobby. Jake and Avilene had woken up and were screaming. So in my dreams was I getting a moment to myself but they helped bring the kids upstairs anyway. When Adam got done with work I went in for a quick nap…explain why later….then we went downstairs to head to the grocery store so I could pick up a few things to have for dinner and lunches. 

Adam went through the rain to pull the car up and of course…the battery was dead because I had never turned the hazards off. So, we took the hotel shuttle to target, grabbed what we needed and came back to attempt bedtime. 

Other crazy events and reflections…

I still can’t figure out how to get the kids to nap or sleep. It takes an average of 3 hours a night to get all 3 down. By then we are all exhausted and done. Avilene is not a good cosleeper and has been waking up very 90 minutes…(which is not how we do our nights in Denver…she is an 8pm-9am girl and Jake is a 7:30 -8am boy who has been up until 11 most nights now and not napping)  Im trying not to lose my mind at night. 

I have made some really yummy things in the instapot for dinner.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my Mom and I feel like it is almost getting harder. Im not sure when the sadness with go away. 

Adam and I haven’t spent any time alone together since the kids are going to bed so late and waking up so early. I miss him even though we are together. Our car rides are the only time we have together.

Driving when it is daylight, the kids handle it better then when it is dark out. 

And…I don’t think I have ever drunk, dranken,  drinking…so much coffee.

We are just finishing up week 1 of the road trip and it is a learning curve…we will get it soon enough.

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  1. Just read the entire blog…..I understand your dilemma about being with Adam when you’re driving. My guess is that it was similar to when Gammy and Bippy had camping trips in the 60’s with Uncle Eddie, Uncle Marty, and me. We were probably in our pre-teens though. The sights you’ve seen are phenomenal. Looking so forward to seeing you guys when you visit us in Sanford. Grandma and I are excited beyond belief. I will be seeing her Sunday. I will now continue to read the blogs each time you mention them on fb. By the way, your writing skills are “el perfecto”. Such smooth reading and understandable. Makes reading and seeing the pictures a GREAT experience. I’d love to comment on each of your “lines” but that would take an essay of my own. Suffice it to say that many of your feelings mirror mine. I love you Nicole, Adam, Avilene Mae, Jake, and Gavin.


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