Day 23 – 24 Memphis

Immediately, the energy in Memphis felt different. Still southern and with all the drawls that come with it, but very genuine and welcoming.

As per the usual, the boys let off some steam in the new digs and made sure that every duplo found a home on the carpet.

We drove by Graceland but did not think it would be the best choice for kids. You can kind of see it…just google it for better pictures 🙂

We missed the raved about Memphis Zoo due to the weather but roamed the town with Adam. 

We found the firefighters museum which was awesome. A little girl was having her birthday party there and gave the boys fire hats and goodies bags. They drove a simulated firetruck, fought a fire and together came up with a plan “get out, go to Andy’s house to wait for mommy and daddy and call 911” Gavin can repeat it to you, Jake nods. 

We had some delicious wraps at Wrapzody. We rode the trolley, for $1! We then headed down the infamous Beale St. 

There was a drum line playing in the streets that we jammed too. We high tailed it to the Peabody with only a minute to spare and barely saw a tail feather of the ducks. A nice hotel employee gave the kids bath time ducks which were a huge hit and worth it. 

We made our way to the river front and rode the Monorail to Mud Island. There was a steamboat museum and a history of Memphis music but the kids didn’t have any interest in that. 

Outside on the island there is a scaled down replica of the Southern Mississippi. It was almost the whole length of the island. 

The kids waded in it and learned about the current by floating their shoes upstream. They also saw two barges, one going against and one going with the current in the Mississippi. 

It was cinco De mayo and we did attempt to go to a Mexican restaurant and party with guacamole and margaritas until reality set in with hungry kids and long lines….so we settled for taco bell.

Adam and I both loved Memphis. The people were joyous and jovial. Very welcoming, proud and happy. 

The city was manageable with life and color on every block. It felt safe and kid friendly. 

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