Day 25-26 Nashville 

Nashville Nashville Nashville or Mash-e-ville as G calls it. 

We landed at our beautiful airbnb which was honestly a bit too perfect and clean for our little kids and their dirtiness. 

We drove through the downtown but it was bigger and much more busy than Memphis. The kids were a tad to winy to attempt parking and roaming so we did just a car tour. 

Maybe if we were two young fun people our childless  would have experienced the city in  different way. 

We drove on out and went to the Lane car museum. You know how much my kids, and husband love cars.  

We paid admission and were immediately told that the cars could not be touched and it would be best if the kids stayed only in the designated kids area. 

The collection was pretty incredible. More than 500 micro European cars. Unfortunately only 120 were on display and you had to pay extra to see the rest in the basement. 

One of us had to stay with the kids so we took turns staying with the kids. 

After deciding on cars in the gift shop and paying .25 for a sticker because nothing was for the Kids we had  picnic outside, breastfed uncovered and changed diapers on their front we headed back to the airbnb where the boys wore out their welcome by throwing their shoes and duplo onto the deck of the apartment below. 

Today when Adam worked the boys and I met an online friend of mine at the Nashville Zoo. When I was pregnant with Jake I joined a February baby group and Caitlin was in it. Her son Levi is just 4 days older than Jake.

 Gavin took to her 5 year old daughter immediately and we had a fun day running all over!

Gavin got to pet a kangaroo!

That about sums up or time in Nashville. It wasn’t quite what we expected but nice nonetheless. And bonus, the boys have slept two nights in a row together on a bed to themselves and Avilene only woke twice. We are getting there!

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