Happiness is… (Day 28-45)

Um… I forgot to blog, or more realistically didn’t have time.

No time on a road trip, how is that possible? 

Well, the kids are napping at 4pm (maybe only 1 of 3 but ill take it) and going to bed between 11 and midnight! I can barely make it until they are asleep. Our patterns are so thrown off (last night 1 was asleep by 8 though)

We have had such a whirlwind of a trip full of family and adventures and moments. 

I have learned that our time together is precious, and actually acted on it. Im spending more time present, talking with the kids, hugging them, laughing and enjoying. 

I feel a piece of the old Nicole coming back. 

We are currently in our Nation’s Capital for this special Memorial Day weekend. 

The last 17 days have included Raleigh, Orlando and Norfolk. 

Raleigh was a magical weekend celebrating happiness with Adam’s family, 

Florida we spent a short quality visit with my family (Grandma was sick and brother was out of town), and a beautiful day at the beach along with some amazing hours with special friends. Norfolk had gloomy weather but we made the best of it.

Avilene turned 8 months and is arm crawling and eating everything she can get her hands on, and now enjoys sleeping with mama at night. 

Jake is now 27 months, loves to be naked, plays super hard and only likes to sleep cuddled with Gavin or Daddy. He embraces our adventures, as long as he is carried, and has become quite the copy cat of his big brother. 

Gavin turned 49 months and amazes all with his comprehension and conversation. He is picking up a much from this trip. He enjoys quiet time, playing with his “baby girl (Avilene)” making fruit kabobs and not having shoes on. 

Adam has adapted super well to working on the road. He completes his day and then we explore. He and I are spending time talking again. We reminisce, talk about the now and the future. We talk.

As for me, Im happy. Yes there are more challenging moments than others (but that will happen regardless if we are on the road or home). I love watching my kids cuddle and play together. I love seeing my husband play with the kids and having dance parties and explorations. I love living how we choose and having it work. I love having a partner who enjoys and desires the same lifestyle and having kids who seem to be loving it too. I love that I am getting to experience parts of our own great country that I probably wouldn’t in any other circumstance. I love that this is building our children’s foundation on how they see the world and the people around them. I love meeting other Mom’s during our outings from all over and talking about life (believe me, we all have similar shit just show it differently no matter where we are from) We love that our home is being taken care of by so many great families and they are enjoying it. We love that other families are opening their home to us. 

We love sharing with people about our adventure and talking about it. We get so many responses similar to “oh its a dream of mine,” or “now’s the time to do it,” or “I don’t know how you do it, traveling with kids is a nightmare…” here is a little secret….it’s a lifestyle you either love and have a passion for, or you don’t. ..just like everything else. 

But regardless, we are all happy, healthy and enjoying our life, and that is the most important thing, I mean really, what else could you wish for?

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