the “learned” of travel

19030606_10158913763010717_1381640049103320315_nWe have been traveling basically since the middle of March when we went to New Mexico. 3 months on the road already and still another to go, with the hope of much more to follow.

We have learned a lot about different parts of the country and different people. We have grown as a family, changed in a few ways, and adapted to a lot.

As Adam is driving through the Northwest of Maine into Canada we were talking about just this…so I took out the laptop to start typing. We are driving along US-201 if you want to look it up on a map. It is a stunning drive

We have experienced a lot out of our norms and comfort as a family of 5 living in suburbia. There were nights that we were bitching about it being so flipping hot as we laid in a bed in a house without air. We found ourselves in one place having to put scoops of sawdust over our own excrement instead of flushing a toilet. There were times we had to drive 40 minutes into a town to go grocery shopping and other places where we could walk outside and pick our own. We have had to walk across the yard to bathe and we have had places with tubs in the bedroom. We have stayed in places decorated in something our great grandmother would do, and other places so stinking modern we were afraid to touch anything for fear we would break it. We have all shared a bed, and been in homes where each one of us had our own. We have stayed in places that were so old that there was green aged rust on the sinks and others with more bugs and mosquitoes than we were even semi comfortable with. We have been through days of rain, super uber humidity, wet cold, dry cold, wet hot and cold hot. We have woken with roosters and gone to sleep to barking frogs.

We have met people who never eat out and others who only eat out. We have met farmers, stay at home mothers, stay at home fathers, babywearers, musicians, blacksmiths, single moms, single dads, newlyweds, people who have been married for ages, fishermen, baristas, clerks, people with accents from all over., military spouses and those who serve our country and others who serve a higher power. People who shop at malls, others who shop online and still others that only shop at resale stores. We have been in towns with no Target (say what?!) and others where we can walk to a Target.

We have been on Ferries, Boats, Cars, Buses, Trolleys, Monorails, Airplanes, Trains, Bikes and Subways.

We have stayed in beach houses, basement apartments, hotels, motels, lake houses, homesteads, tiny homes, guest houses, main homes, garage apartments, high rises in the middle of a city and a glamper.

Our 3 little kids, under the age of 4 have experienced all this and more from their point of view and have possibly adapted easier than we have. Everywhere we go, Gavin makes new friends, Jake is slowly talking and Avilene is almost walking! (we are also beginning underwear on both boys beginning tomorrow…send some major good vibes please)

Adam has still been working Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:30. We have a good rhythm going and these days are turning into our norm. This is our reality and existence.

We keep hearing from people how “brave” we must be for traveling with 3 young children. We have heard over and over again, “you sure do have your hands full.” Others have said, “you are so fortunate to do this,” and “that’s always been something I have wanted to do.”

We find ourselves responding over and over again, just do it if you want. Just live as you want. It can happen and it should happen.

We are very fortunate to be able to do this and to accept what it is teaching us.

  • People all over this beautiful country we have exist in different places, with different professions, different incomes, different lifestyles and each one of them is just as amazing.
  • Everyone is just living their life and providing for their family, making choices for themselves and their kids as to what they believe is best…and no one should judge that. We all need to be accepting of each other. No one is better than anyone else.
  • We have also learned that the ONLY trash we have is diapers, everything else is compostable or recyclable. (we are changing our home over to this system very shortly)
  • We have only the life we exist in now to live our dreams and make them come to life.
  • We have been able to see, especially living in other people’s homes, how much excess we have in life but really how little we need. We have been able to lighten that physical load which has an impact on our emotional well-being. There is a certain feeling of liberation when you let go and learn how to let of that attachment of the “things” and focus more on the moments and the people.
  • You can live with very little and life is just as good. (we have sent home over 60 lbs of “things” we brought with us. We literally have one week clothes, a reusable grocery bag of books and toys, one small bathroom caddy, and now 5 dozen mason jars filled with our beans, spices, nuts, and other food items that we bring from place to place. We also have our waffle maker, instapot and nutribullet along with a small cooler and cooler travel bag. (I would happily add an air fryer to our list of appliances). We do have a pack n play (which we still haven’t used) and a phil & ted lobster portable high chair, a single goPockit stroller, and 2 onbuhimu baby carriers. We did purchase Avilene a walker that we can take apart for the car ride. All of this easily fits in our VW wagen and we have been trying so hard to condense even smaller.

With all of that being said, I do want to write more and fill you all in on each and every amazing spot we have stayed in. Hopefully we will have a little downtime at some point where I can type and add pictures etc. For now, though, I hope this blog finds you all well and planning your next great adventure!

I do want to mention the other side of this, this life is not what everyone wants or enjoys, and we respect that 110%. We hope to inspire those who think of the could I, should I and if you are someone reading our blog, then at least we know that you are on this journey with us which is incredibly supportive in just that.

Our main message is live your life, do as you want and experience all that you wish too.




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