What are you doing?


You’re what? That is one of the many questions you may be asking yourself… along with the Why? and the Where? and of course How?

Now is the time, our lease is up here in South Lake Tahoe, Adam works remote, our kids are prepared, and so are we. We are liquidating our tangibles and heading off on a great vacation experience.

We all have new backpacks. This is Mine, Adam’s, Veeners, and the boys. What fits, is what we can take.

What about school? Gavin is signed up through Inspire Charter. He has a wonderful teacher, Carey who will check in biweekly. We have already ordered curriculum and we will be taking a small rolley suitcase full of school curriculum and a few select toys. Gavin even has his own school laptop and will have a video blog that we will feature on the site, or you can subscribe directly through this link.

What about if someone gets sick? Well… here in America, we do not have health insurance. Sadly Adam makes too much for us to qualify for state insurance, yet not enough for us to use our income to buy privately. Here, if someone gets sick, we have to spend A LOT and it is not good. Traveling, we will purchase United Health Care’s Safe Trip International Insurance. And guess what, there are hospitals and doctors all across the world… we didn’t post about it, but last year, in Merida, we had quite a few runs to the ER with our children and the most we ever paid was $75, including x-rays.

Where are you going? Well, that’s an easy question. We are heading to South Korea, first to Gwangju, then Busan and then Seoul… maybe even Jeju for a little bit. From there, we do not know where the wind will take us, but we shall see. Maybe we come back to the states, maybe we keep going. Who knows!

Financially, how are you doing this? Adam will still be working. He is an extremely amazing remote worker for his company and will be working 9pm-5am. He will stay up with us most of the day and go to bed when the kids go down for a nap. Then, Ill do school with them, feed them dinner and put them to bed. But, we will be able to spend the mornings and mid-day exploring together. The best part of all of this, is we will be able to SAVE. Yes, that’s right, Save money. Which seems to be almost impossible here in the states. We will hopefully be able to live off of 1/3 of Adam’s salary which will allow us to SAVE.

How will you communicate? The great part about this world, is you can always figure out how to communicate. In South Korea, we have friends still there, I can read the language and speak a little. There are a lot of English signs around as well, and don’t worry, hand signals and a little charades goes really far!

What about socialization for your kids? This one is a simple one. Guess what, they will play with kids from other countries. They will converse and blow the minds of the people we encounter, and… they have each other. The three of them are a team.

Why are we doing this? As you can see from this blog, if you look way back to the beginning... Travel is a part of us. It has been since we met and every day it continues to be. We feel it is an important part of life to instill in our kids. We want them to experience with all their senses and be a part of different ways of life. We want to open their eyes to the way other people live, the foods they eat, the way they look, the sounds of their languages. In our hearts, there is nothing better that we can give our children because to us, this…all of this, is Love.



  1. This is so very exciting! Wish we could squeeze all of you with hugs before yoi’rr Off! Safe travels, we’ll be following!!😘🤗


    • You two are the best, we are so excited it’s amazing to think about. We just keep picturing our kids eyes when we do things…. Always so full of wonder and excitement!!


  2. I’m thrilled for you! Can’t wIt to hear about all your adventures. Hug those precious babies for me😍. Have fun and make memories!❤️❤️❤️


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