As we are slowly saying our goodbyes here in Tahoe, my emotions keep getting the best of me. I get teary eyed and a bit sad thinking of leaving all these wonderful people who have made such an impact on our lives this past year.

When saying this though, I feel like we have written this same blog in every single single city we have lived in regardless of where it was in the world. People, relationships, friendship they all make an impact. We all believe that we have made a positive impact on everyone we have met, and vise versa.

As I explained to Gavin the other day when he was sad about us turning in our leased car, Blackie… toys, friends, homes, cars, they all come into our life. We enjoy them, love them, use them (not people, you know what I mean), have experiences, be fully invested and involved with them and then we go on to the next to experience more, meet more people, play with new things.

We would be so lucky knowing we made as much of an impact on other peoples lives as they did on ours.

So, thank you to all of you, for all you have done and given us over the years. Our lives are not the same because we met you. XO


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