Airplane travel with kids

img_20180817_200427 When traveling across the country you always have to make the decision; do you waste an entire day traveling, OR do you take the red eye. We typically choose the red eye as wasting a whole day for travel is almost more painful… unless you have little kids who don’t sleep on the plane.

Let me first say, if you are on an overnight flight and a kid is screaming and it annoys you… I can guarantee the mother or/and father of that kid is having an anxiety attack knowing that their kid is screaming and bothering people and they can’t seem to do anything to make the baby stop.


While our boys passed out fairly quickly, Avilene had a really hard time settling into the idea of sleeping. But, I am not talking about my kids on this flight. I am talking to the poor Mama about 8 rows up whose son legit screamed as if the world was ending for 4 straight hours. And, to all the adults sitting around that Mom who wouldn’t quit their bitching about the kid screaming. That poor mama, and baby.

img_20180817_192139As for Delta, we absolutely fell in love with your as an airline. We typically always fly frontier because lets face it, it is less expensive, and my brother works for them so our tickets are REALLY affordable. But, this flight, I needed a direct, quick, comfy flight to get us in since it was all the way across the country, overnight, and we didn’t want our bodies aching when we landed (no offense to frontier) Delta’s flight attendants were AMAZING, their seats super comfy, the TVs in the back of their seats felt like luxury and the 757, holy large domestic plane!

After possibly getting a good 45 minutes of sleep, and watching Tully… gah, every Mom NEEDS to watch it, we landed in Orlando, my home town. Every time we land here, I do feel a sense of belonging. I think even though its hot, and full of tourism and tons of people, and humidity, it will always be my home. Just getting on the tram to get to baggage and good ole Buddy Dyer talks to me and says, welcome home… I believe him.

We got our suitcase and three ridiculous heavy car seats and headed to Hertz to pick up our minivan….except they didn’t have any in stock, which was weird since we had a reservation for one. The girls at the desk tried putting us in an Armada or Tahoe. Anyone who has ever seen Adam and I, knows we are not big people. In our Acadia we looked like 10 year olds driving. I went to bring the Tahoe over to the doors to put in the seat belts and first off, could not drive the darn thing safely. I thought I would crash it with every turn. And second, we looked like 5 year olds driving it. I couldn’t see the front. And there was ZERO trunk space. Like way worse and smaller than the Acadia. I told the girl there was just no way it would work. We were all so tired and hot and it was beginning to get really frustrating. She then put us in an Infinity QX 30 Let’s just say, we barely fit. Good thing we had our Diono car seats. We smooched into the car and drove off. Definitely NOT a car I would buy, ever. We felt like old foogies because we couldn’t figure out with all of the technology how to even turn on the radio.

I miss our minivan 😦




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