4 days


img_20180916_110035We have 4 days left before we board that plane. We have aligned all of our ducks, that we could anyway. I’m sure there are things we have forgotten, but at this point, I can not think of a single thing I still have to do…. besides clean the car out after our crazy long road trip…1100 miles in 2 days.

The kids really were fantastic, and like we keep saying, seem to be way more adaptable than us.

We have passports and international drivers licenses. We have travel insurance and travelers health insurance. We have our lodging and travel all booked. We were able to pack very very well… this is it. This is all we are bringing.41874540_521019248370702_5518299171607543808_n

Adam and I spent hours during the drive, on the walkie talkies reflecting on our journey, past, present and future. It is these long talks and honesty that bring completeness to my life. Openly raw and honest without interruption (sometimes static) are what bring us to figuring out our future and our relationship work. The time we have to truly delve deep into our hearts and talk about what we want and need and desire out of life.

img_20180914_122846Our cars here are filled with all of our possessions we have left. Legit, 8 bins of stuff, 4 bikes, two hiking bags of clothes and some random “stuff.” That’s it. Adam will write later about his feelings about all of this. Let’s just say back in 2009, it was easy for me, and more difficult for him to get rid of stuff…. now, he puts me to shame when filtering through things.

We are happy and excited with what is to come. Because honestly, it is so unknown, yet we feel right at home….

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