Korea, round 3!

The last 5 days have been such a whirlwind. Well, technically it was 4 days and a lost day in time.

Our trip into Korea on Koreanair was pretty amazing and long. I felt every 30 minutes I looked at the clock until at some point it all just fell together and we were descending into Incheon. Gavin was pretty awesome, Jake slept the whole time, Avilene was a pain in the butt most of the whole 11 hours. I did manage to watch one movie within the 11 hours. I think it took me 5 to get through it. I will also say that Singapore Airline had way better food than Koreanair.

When we arrived at Incheon we flew through security and customs, picked up a data SIM card and got onto the subway. 45 minutes later we exited through Honjik University Stop. Our airbnb host sent us a Youtube video of him walking to the apartment so we found it pretty easily. It is about a 15 minute walk that seemed incredibly long at 8pm dragging our luggage and 3 kids through the crowds. But we did it. And, the best part, when we arrived all three kids were sound asleep.

I headed off in search of food and roamed the area looking for whatever I could figure out how to order to go. I found some green apple soju and beer along with tuna and salmon sashimi that was seriously melt in  your mouth amazing. Adam and I crashed soon after.

4 days later and we are all still ready for bed by 7pm and up at 5am. The time change is REALLY hard to adjust too.

We did a lot this week. Possibly too much to be honest. We spent almost the entirety of all 3 days out and about. We made an adjustment to our stroller situation and Jake or Avilene can stand actually on the collapsing bar thing on the back to make toting two around a little easier.

Sunday, for Avilene’s birthday, we met Rachel and her family at Lotte Mall and took the kids to the park. We rode the city bus. The kiddos loved it. I know Rachel from when I worked in Busan and she is now married with two children. We ate dinner together and they gave Avilene a traditional Korean cupcake made with rice cake.

Monday, we went to Kidzania. Kidzania was the bomb. It was terribly hard to find. Once we did find it they handed me an instruction sheet in English to a childrens museum and I was like what in the world? But, it was incredible. They are in 15 countries across the globe, soon to be in the US. It is a kid city where they earn money doing basically on the job training. More than 100 careers are offered for them to do from flight attendant, to police, to hair dresser, vet, working at a restaurant, a dry cleaner, dunkin donuts, baskin robbins, a movie theatre, a coffee shop, a scientist, a hotel employee, AI intelligence, customs officer and really the list is soooo long. Each room has a bench with numbered seats that each kid sits on to wait until the next session begins. Then, they get a uniform and go into a room with a glass wall so the parents can watch. No parents are allowed in the room. The instructor guides 5-12 kids, depending on the occupation, to do whatever. We only bought a half day pass and got there an hour late for the morning session so the boys sadly only were able to do two jobs. But, thankfully there is one in Busan so I will bring them back.

Tuesday, we roamed Myeongdong shopping district and ate all day. We had street food and 삼겹살 (pork belly, korean bbq style with rice and garlic). We have been frequent flyers to the corner 김밥 (gimbap) lady.

Now, we are back in the room and need to pack up and prepare for our journey on the high speed train tomorrow.

Before we left America we heard from a lot of people things like, your kids will never remember the trip, why go now… I have to say, I completely disagree. There is something magical about watching the kids in an environment that is so new and different. Gavin completely understands that everyone knows a different language and keeps asking, “how do you say… in Korean?” He wants to learn to communicate. Our kids are 귀엽다 Key-yup-da, (cute) They are little rockstars who are giving and getting more smiles than you could imagine. Avilene is soaking up the attention and is getting and giving so much love to everyone.

I am learning more patience from the other Mom’s here. They seem to be saints but then again most only have one kid. Their kids are so well behaved and I feel like our crazy 미국 American kids are such a bad example. I know though that they are kids. All kids everywhere are loud, they play, they run and they don’t listen that great at the age of 3.5… yes I am talking mostly about Jake. The kids though too are fighting this jetlag and it is exhausting mentally and physically to all of us.

We can’t wait to get to Busan, go to the actual grocery store and market. Fill up our fridge and begin cooking for ourselves. Eating out all the time is so tiring. We did go to the grocery store yesterday but really didn’t get anything. The prices here in Seoul are pretty insane to be honest. I’m waiting to go to the vegetable markets. I miss the pricing! a bucket of tomatoes at Lotte Mart  yesterday was $7!!

Anyway, it is now 7pm and I am yawning already. Adam and the kids are watching some Korean cartoons and laughing super hard. I think I need to join them.

Thanks so much for reading!!

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