Kid Cafe’s & Jumping Gyms

We have found that there are quite a few options to keeping ourselves active and busy playing here in Busan.

With the extreme heat as well as the cold winters, there are Jumping Gyms and Kids Cafes galore. The first time we were living here, and the second, maybe we didn’t realize this because we didn’t have kids.

There are a few different kinds.

Actual Kid Cafe’s are restaurants with play places and tv monitors so you can watch your kids play while you eat.

There are themed play places like this super cool Tayo one we found nearby. The indoor malls also have huge ones.

The third type is the jumping gyms, we have two within a 5 minute walk from us. These are trampolines and play places with rooms and blocks and books and ride on cars.


There are also all the other places like the aquarium, kidzania and I believe there is a zoo somewhere nearby. And hiking and the markets and and and. These tend to be super easy and very nearby which is fantastic!!

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