Routine is key

I never was a full believer on routine, but um… it works.

We are going three days strong on one and we are much better and happier for it.

Our day looks a bit like this…

6:30 Nicole wakes up and goes to the gym

6:30-7 the kids wake up and Adam gets them breakfast

8am Nicole is back and makes a smoothie for everyone

8-9 is shower/ get dressed/ watch tv etc

10-1/2ish is head out of the house and explore…or not. But this is the time for us to do it as a family.

2-2:30 we eat lunch at home. This is our big meal with Adam

2:30 Adam goes to sleep

2:30-4 we hang out at the house and are quietly playing. Gavin does some school etc.

4-6:30 Nicole and the kids head out to the market or a play place or park or all of the above.

6:30-7:30 snack and get ready for bed and 1 tv show

7:30 climb into bed.

8 Adam wakes up and heads to the gym

9:30 Adam starts his work day

It works. We are all adjusting pretty well we think.


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