Our New Routine

We have now been on the road for 5.5 weeks, honestly it seems longer. We have fallen into a pretty steady routine with work, homeschool and life.

The kids usually wake up first and head out to the sunroom around 7. They turn on cartoons, cuddle under blankets or play with toys. Adam and I wake up before or after them, and have our coffee. We sit together and work throughout the morning.

breakfast time

About a month ago, I went part time with Adams company to help pull reports, analyze data, and am Adams personal assistant 🙂 I work until about 12 each day, sometimes I head back to my computer in the afternoon if there is more to be done.

In the morning, we make the kids breakfast and they play most of the morning. I think we are super lucky, those three truly entertain themselves. Between legos, magnet blocks, games, and parading around the back yard in their safari hats going on self built missions, they are always busy.

We don’t do school everyday, well official school anyway. Some days we sit one on one for 20-30 minutes and work on a new skill. Some days it is all three kids with me working on another subject. Sometimes it is in the morning, other times the afternoon. Most of the time its the kids coming to me and saying we are ready to do school!

The kids do use Khan Academy Kids every day. I give them assignments through the app that they have to complete and then they get 15-20 minutes of personal game time on the electronics.

Somewhere in the middle there we have lunch, but to be completely honest, sometimes I am deep in a report and guess what, our kids make themselves a platter for lunch.

When Adam is done with work, we all go outside and play. Usually it is Daddy Tackle Fight. But lately, it has been outside beach time. During this time, I have been doing my Betty Rocker workout and then I take off on my hour walk.

I come back and make dinner and feed the kids. They bathe and are off to bed at 7:30 aiming to be asleep by 8. Adam and I have been making ourselves dinner for after they are asleep so we can spend time together. Adam tends to do his workout somewhere in this span of time. He uses the NTC (Nike Training Club) app.

Adam working out to his NTC (He will write a blog on it, he thinks they are so much more efficient than his old gym routines)

Our days are pretty relaxed, simple and easy. We are doing our best to not take on added stressors and just focusing on what is happening between our 4 walls. We are happy and feel complete.

Keeping themselves busy

Of course we have our moments, the kids bicker, voices are raised, tears fall… but overall… things are just as we had hoped they would be on this trip.

Adam and I have thrown around the idea of trading in our minivan for a leisure roadtrek, this one has our attention, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/312305140078749 The price is a bit steep for us, but my goodness this would change our year and is not outrageous to think of this as an every day vehicle after as it isn’t THAT big. (It does have enough seatbelts AND sleeping space for us at this point in our lives)

I guess we will continue to dream, as that is what we do best. At night, once the kids are asleep, we dream and have our best conversations as we have always done. We throw around tons of ideas of the what-ifs, what-next, and can we or/and should we.

We still have a 367 days of travel ahead of us and the possibilities are wide open.


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