Kaja! 가자

Looking across the table at my little girl, Avilene its hard to believe she’s just turned 4. A milestone she’s very proud of 🙂

The passing of time with kids is a different animal than I recall at any other point of my life. They set a benchmark for all the happiest times and seeing them grow and move to new phases is so much more real. I guess its why as I am writing this, I can smile about that fact that I’m aware enough to appreciate the moment. Because, in a second its gone and just like that, a memory. 

For the past 7 and half years I was able to support my family financially as an executive for a company that allowed me, for the better part of my tenure to do the work remote and provide the flexibility our nomadic spirits craved. Working across 6 states and 4 countries at given points was quite a trip. I worked with some fantastic people and did some great work that i’m very proud of and honored to have been a part of.

However, like all great expeditions, this one had to come to an end. As of Tuesday this week, I made my departure official. I was ready to turn the page. The role provided me quite a bit, but like many folks who help build a successful brand, the process became as consuming as it was prosperous. Even through my best efforts, it was my family that was beginning to suffer. I was detached and sad because I knew the reason. My job was becoming too much and while I attempted to offload tasks, the core problems of being mentally engrossed in work related worry were too much.

With the support of my soul navigator, Nicole, I made the decision to exit and take my toolkit on new adventure, except this time, with a commitment to myself and family that the work would always take a backseat to my most important roles as a husband, father, son and friend. 

So here we are, 2 days into the transition and with a new story to mold into the journey. The Kaja Project, my newest venture will begin to take shape and evolve in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. With a core foundation built on making the “work”, less like work and more like the joys of working with good people who have tremendous ideas and need a little guidance to make them come to life.

Kaja…means “lets go!” in Hangeul (South Korean). Now that you are up to speed…KAJA! 🙂

More to come as inspiration loads….. https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-kaja-project




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