Bow down to baseball…..

Alrighty, so I have not been really holding up my end of the postings thus far so i’ll put in a lil something about my experience playing some baseball this weekend with some fellow americans as we took on the infamous Korean Dangers!!!! Alright, they might not be so infamous but with a name like that they can only be Korean.

I got the heads up on a pick up game they usually have at a “field” nearby so i packed up and headed over with Nicole and our favorite puppy popsicle Olive on Sunday to see what the dealy was. I say “field” because when we got there i found a dirt lot that resembled more of a monster truck practice area than a baseball field so we asked some locals if thats where the baseball happened and they said yes! We arrived about an before anyone else and were very graciously invited into a small building near the “field” to join a church group in their post churchy eats which was very nice. I did however give myself the hic-ups and a small ulcer after eating some variation of kimchi that was being served. I told them that all this spicy food is burning off all the evil spirits that live inside me no?!….they didn’t laugh, or even respond. ok, that never happened but as they do here, I like to spice it up a bit 😉

So around 1:15 the Koreans showed up and I practiced with them for about an hour before the usa squad strolled through. For me, the best part early on was that just by walking up to one guy and gesturing that I wanted to warm-up, he knew exactly what I was asking and before i knew it I was three deep waiting in line for my turn at infield practice. Without getting to deep, it felt like there was no real need for any language and that our common knowledge of the game kept everyone on the same page.

So anyway, without going through a complete play-by-play, we had a pretty good game but in the end it was the Dangers who were victorious in a 6-5 win. Another key highlight was at the end of the game, both teams line up facing each other and as the scorekeeper proclaims the final score we all bowed in respect for one another. I gave the Korean coach my info and he said if i ever wake up one day and turn Korean I can play!!!! Actually i may be able to play once in a while and at practices but the leagues usually don’t allow foreigners but we’ll see what happens.

Nicole did take one video i will share which was interesting. I actually thought I had hit a homerun but the left field foul line must have magically jutted inward after the trees so it was taken away. But our coach had my back and as you will see….he was kicked in the chest and told to go back to the dugout after he argued the call 😉 It gives you a look at the field and the snazzy uniforms the Koreans were decked out in.

Really good times though….even with Olive being a racist and barking at every Korean that came close. ^-^


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