Cold Weather is extremely nutty

I know it is just the beginning of November, but it seems like November should be winter…I was told look out for February. The thing is, one day it is freezing here (yes relatively speaking) and the next day it is in the 70’s. Then, last monday it was in the low 30’s yesterday it rained, but the day before it was 73. So, I dont quite understand the weather. All I do know is winter is approaching. Last Monday it snowed in the mountains and flurried here.
This picture was taken as the Snow falls on a quiet mountain trail – Visitors hike Mount Seorak’s Gwongeumsung trail after a heavy snowfall blanketed much of the Gangwon region on Monday. Mount Seorak is in the North Eastern corner of the country. I have been told one of the most beautiful spots to climb. It is too far for us for a weekend get away, so we will have to wait until we have at least a 3 day break to make it up there.

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