Classroom – Funroom

This is LS2D, (Little Stars) I have taught them since I arrived in Korea. Back row: Nick, Eddie, Steve, Ellen, Anselm, Jennifer, Angela. Front Row: Brian, Rex, Yoony, Lucy and Angel.

Today they had a lesson on writing with Jessica and created a story map. They decided to use Adam and I as their characters. I had to take a picture of the board…with Rex as the rockstar. We didn’t get too much accomplished in my class today because they took out all their crazy phones and we had photo shoots and played with the very funny enhancements that they make.

Basically the story takes place in Gwangju, dyring Spring. Adam and Nicole are about to get married.. James and Olive (I have no idea who James is) gets kidnapped and are left in a cave. In the end, Adam and Nicole find them and they get married. They are such loonies 🙂

Then, my KD Phonics kids…were humming a song. I knew the song. They learned it at their public school. The video starts on Paul and goes to Emily and Maddy (with the pigtails) Hunter is behind them, then Oliver in the back left and Andy to the right. Oliver is hysterical…his voice is the loud crackly one.

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