be a mom, its good for the soul

Today I read again about the sad statistic that 1 in 7 women want kids after marriage here in Korea. I find this so sad since every time I see one of these little munchkins I think about how I possibly can get away with snatching one and getting them on a plane with the proper paperwork without being arrested for life.

Anyway…the article talks mostly about the lack of freedom, extra responsibilities, career blockers and cost that comes along with having a kid here. Although I can somewhat understand some of these “issues” I really truly don’t see the correlation at all with the happiness a little cute Korean baby brings to your lives…I don’t even speak the language too well and yet want to hug, kiss and go goo goo over every one.

I think to all the worries I have read about Korean society, about the older population getting older and the younger one becoming non existent, the governments effort to increase baby making to save the Korean culture. Who knows what will happen as time goes on.

I currently see our generation here working their butts off and not enjoying much of anything, I see the high schoolers so engrossed in love and the middle schoolers and elementary students studying like robots..unable to run correctly or shoot a ball. Then, I see the great-grandparents generation still selling their veggies, cleaning the streets and working so hard, the grandparents generation hiking every weekend and the parents generation working from 8 am until 9 at night not even seeing their kids.

Regardless, Adam has to stop me from gwaking at all the little ones, whats wrong with the women here who don’t want to have these beautiful children?


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