Solo in Seonamsa….

As Nicole was taking part in her bachelorette or “hen” party this weekend, I was left to my own devices. After waking up early Saturday to see Nicole and the girls off, I took a quick scan of the map and made a game-day decision to visit the Seonamsa temples outside Suncheon as we were not able to check them out during our visit to the area back in November. This also gave me an opportunity to break in the new hiking shoes and dry-fit pants I purchased for our big trek in 2 months. So, I hopped the direct bus bound for Suncheon armed with the Nikon and some snacks.

The trip is only half over once you arrive in Suncheon about an hour later as you then must grab the #1 local bus for another hour to reach the Seonamsa area. This in itself was mildly confusing as I mistakenly boarded a bus headed to the Songgwangsa. After about 5 minutes of trying to read the map in Korean i figured out this was not right and promptly hopped off. Eventually I found my way and arrived in Seonamsa which is located at the base of the Jogyeosan Provincial Park, otherwise known to the locals at “green mountain”, or at least that’s what I gathered from my convo with a friendly dude walking the trails.

On the heels of Buddah’s birthday on May 21st, the site was adorned with hundreds of colorful prayer lanterns that lined the trails and the areas around the temples.

The site features dozens of beautiful temples that are situated relatively close to one another along a very nice set of short pathways.

The final attractions I caught a glimpse of on my way out were the 56 ft sculpture engraved on a rock known as Ma-aebuli and the Seungseon Bridge which is considered by many to be Korea’s most beautiful stone bridge.

The combo of the fantastic weather, the groovy kicks and  breathtaking scenery I’ve come to expect each and every time I venture somewhere new made the trip a great way to spend my Saturday, even if I had to do it without my best little tour guide ๐Ÿ˜‰

thanks for reading all!



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