Tom Sawyer

In my PreTow reading class, we have just finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer…the abridged version. They all just submitted their bookreports and I just had to share this one. It is from Rosellin who is brilliant. But, at the bottom where they “embrased” I got the chills!

Question #3. Think about the ending of the book….after they find Injun Joe dead in the cave… rewrite the ending of the book. Write your own final chapter of the book.
Huck and Tom went out after they wore their clothes. After a while, widow’s guests came there. This supper was for old Welshman and his sons’ courageous acts. At the right time, old Welshman started to say something, and Huck expected to old Welshman to say that Huck also helped him at the back of his mind. However no matter how he waited to call his name old Welshman did not say, and he finished his speech and sat down on his sit. Huck was in the grip of anger and betrayal, so he led Tom and ran out of there.
“What’s the matter?” Tom asked to Huck dubiously.
Then Huck told everything.
“Um.. old Welshman.. He does not look like that”
“Me, too. How could he do like that?”
After a bit of silence, Huck proceeded:
“Let’s leave this village with our money.”
“What!? Are you serious?”
“Yes, why? Are you afraid? You have been always generous and brave, then were they just pretending?”
“Of course, not. Am I you? I am okay to leave now. Then, what will you do after leave this village?”
“That is,, “
“Yes, I just hesitated because of that. We have a lot of money now, but if we leave here with no plan, we will spend all of them soon.”
“Yeah.. Then,, what do you want to do?”
“I want to be a pirate or make a gang from long time ago. However, we are too young to be a pirate, so let’s make a gang and when we grow more, we will be a pirate!”
“However, we cannot make gang just two-you and me. Therefore, let’s make some people to take along with.”
Therefore two children gathered people for some days, and Tom decided to say goodbye to Becky.
“Hey, Tom! It’s been a long time~” Becky said with lovely eyes.
“I,, have something to say…”
“What to say?”
“Uhm.. Actually.. I leave here..”
“What? This must be a joke!”
“No, Becky. I will be a great pirate and surely come back to you.”
“How can you leave me?”
“Sorry.. However it was my dream. When I came back, we would go circus, and travel all around the world. I will write letters often, and be sure to come back. Becky, can you wait me?”
“Oh, Tom. Of course I can.”
“Thanks, Becky. I believed you that you must understand me. I will give you my hat, than remember me when you see that. I will leave tomorrow at dawn. However, do not come to see me off. If you come, I would be probably sad.”
“I must miss you.”
They embrace each other tightly on parting.
The next day at dawn, Tom left home with a note-I will be back. Do not worry’. At meeting place, there were about 15 children, and Becky was also.
“Becky, why are you here?”
“Tom, I have been thinking a lot then I finally got conclusion – go together”
“Oh, Becky, but you can be tired.””I have already braced myself.”
The children walked through the dawn fog vigorously.

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