Life as a tourist

When you go on vacation you see things differently. You have money to spend, you go to the special parts of the city and see the “sights.”
For example, if you come to Orlando, you will probably get a hotel down by Disney, spend 4-5 days with your family at amusement parks, walk around I-Drive, go to the shopping outlets, city walk and if you are really adventurous, spend a day in downtown Orlando or head North to see the manatees at the Springs… While spending thousands of dollars.
As a resident, maybe on the weekends we might go to citywalk a few times a year, the springs one weekend with our kids, downtown… Only for work, a magic game, the farmers market or the club and Disney… Only if we have family coming to visit from out of town.

I give this example because our life as a tourist has been a little different than most. We venture into a city to check out the major sites, yes… But we rarely pay the entrance fee and just look from the outside to see what the hype is about. Then, we walk around and experience the city.
We have noticed they all have a lot in common…the shopping, the restaurants, the tourist booths and convenience stores… Most even have the same name. We have discovered that every city has at least 4 pizzerias and Zaras on their major strip.
But, If you take all of that away, you are left with the architecture, the people, the roads and the environment surrounding.
This outlook has made our trip a little different than others. Because we have not seen just one or two cities on this trip, each one either stands out as something special or tends to blend with the rest.
If you are looking for a city to roam without spending money on the sites, or cities that stand out from the rest, here are our favorites:
Vienna, Austria
Triste, Italy
Venice, Italy
Siena, Italy
Alkmaar, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Munich, Germany
Dieppe, France

And of course.. Rome, Italy
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