hay whaa!!!!???

So… back in the 50’s and then again in the 70’s Japan thought it quite genius to plant 4.5million hectares of cedar trees only to conclude a few decades later that importing lumber was a better way to go. The result of this agricultural flip-flop….well, in very complex medical lingo “hay-fever is off the cheese” during onset of spring and steadily declining through April and May but not before leaving a mass of allergic misery in its wake throughout parts of Japan.

I discovered this to be the truth this morning as I awoke with a face full of snot and orbs a flame.

Now I had to breakdown and conform to “mask nation”. I also had to take the pharmacists word that the green “listerine” looking allergy eye drops he sold me were in fact suitable for eyeballs and not a cute way of relieving me from ever seeing again. Alas..to my disappointment….they were eye drops….

Anyways…the concept that the mask wearing public is actually using these masks to ward off pollen comes as welcome news. I had my doubts and started to form a hypothesis in my own mind that we were blatantly being left in the dark about mass amounts of brain eroding radioactive airstreams pumping through the city streets.

For what its worth….i look damn good in a mask. Ka-chow!

bring it cedar,


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