Chanko Nabe

Our fellow guest house friends brought us to a Chanko Nabe restaurant on Tuesday night. There, we sat on the floor, paid $45 a person and ate like a Sumo Wrestler.

Chanko Nabe is a stew of sorts with all different types of meat and veggies. It gets is ugh caloric intake by the rice or noodles stirred in at the end and beer you are supposed to drink with it. (Along with the Sodium from the stew and mass quantities that is served.)

The meal started out with some yummy Sashimi, Fish Cakes and Chicken Wings.

Then came the Chanko-Nabe
And noodles in which we had a contest to see who could scoop the most noodles with their chop sticks…which I have to say I won.
I wish in a way it would have been more of a tourist attraction with more statues, or decorations or a real sumo wrestler hiding around the corner instead of all of us just eating stew in a room…it would have made the experience more of an “experience.”
But afterward, we made sure to have our picture taken with all the touristy artwork which made it more memorable.


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