Thanks ReadingStar!

Being back home in Busan now is awesome. I missed Nicole way too much and just mentally, it feels right to be planted in one spot again. Having said that I do have to say that my two and a half month stint at Reading Star in Gwangju with some old friends and new, was great. I enjoyed the team, the students and of course the old stompin grounds that Nicole and I cut our teeth on in Soko 2 years ago.

thanks Jessica!


It was purely by chance that Nicole and I were in Korea when ReadingStar had the sudden need for a quick replacement and certainly not a sequence of events that I could have possibly foreseen in any scenario coming back. But it was what happened, and having a day back in Busan to reflect, it was a cool opportunity and a time Nicole and I will look back on and smile. Lessons were learned, experienced had, and memories etched in our minds that we will add to our bag of treasures as we turn the page again.


Thanks to all you Reading Star folk and students for makin it fun.

adam teacher out.


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