An herb garden with a great view


Living in a studio apartment (one room here in Korea) calls for desperate measures if you want to have a garden. I can enviously see from our window the homes below with full blown veggie gardens growing on roofs. Unfortunately, I have been limited to a few herbs I have found at the store or have been given.

I have a little rosemary, some basil, some strawberries (which aren’t growing at all) and 2 things of coriander which I believe is also cilantro.

The rosemary will not grow…it is a little brown and a little green…

The basil grows somewhat and I have already used it a few times when cooking.

The coriander has finally started to grow.

The strawberries…nada. (maybe it is the wrong season.

Do you have any tips for helping window gardens grow?? I need all the help I can get.



  1. I’m from Southern California. If there’s one thing I learned there it’s how to grow strawberries. Since it’s not growing, I’m guessing you have the June variety. These only produce strawberries during the month of June.
    If you’re going to water it every day, you should give it a quick-draining soil mix such as a citrus or cactus mix, this way the roots can get some water but not drown in it. If you don’t have that, just mix some sand into the soil. If you don’t have sand, then water it less frequently – maybe once or twice per week, just make sure to fluff/turn the topsoil a little so that the soil isn’t compact and suffocates the roots.
    Other concerns: Are you using fertilizer? Are you opening the windows daily to allow fresh oxygen to the plant? What’s the temperature in your apartment? If you have the A/C on all the time, the plant might be cold (it’s a living thing after all) and develop a stunted growth (using the heater shouldn’t negatively affect it).
    I dunno. It’s fun to watch strawberries grow, but you have to be patient with them. I don’t know about the other plants. I’m growing cilantro, parsley, and a venus fly trap on my window garden, and I’m having good luck with them. They aren’t dead yet 😛 Good luck Adam & Adam’s wife!


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