November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge, Day 2

November 2nd...Give 5 strategies you are using to keep the holiday pounds off.


  1. Stop eating when I’m full.
  2. Eat slowly so you actually feel full.
  3. Keep drinking my 3 full huge big gulp, slurpee, neon green water bottles of water.
  4. Do your daily workout as you mentioned in yesterday’s blog.
  5. I honestly can’t think of a number 5. They all tend to be cliche’. Don’t have seconds, you don’t have to try everything you see, don’t look at hubbies portions because his metabolism is way different than mine…etc.

If you are curious as to what the November Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge is, check out Lisa’s challenge from She’s Losing It.


  1. That’s so funny – I have to remember not to look at my husband’s plate either. That man eats chips and dip and cocktails every night and still fits into the same size jeans he had in high school.

    Further evidence that God is a man.


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