A little this and a big that

As I was going through our pictures this morning, I came across Jeju Miniature Park which we went to in January 2010. So, I put together a collage of the very cool places we have been to in real life. I would say the park had some awesome replicas!

On the flip side, looking through our travels I think the park could definitely have some additions like the Colosseum, the Angkor Wat, The Arches, the Christopher Columbus statue in Barcelona, and a ton others.


PS. Adam was at all of these places too! I promise, he is just usually the one behind the camera. My trip to Egypt and Israel was before we met though.



  1. You know, out of all the times I’ve been to Korea, I’ve never been to this museum! We’re going next year so def adding this to my list of places to visit! Hope you’re doing well!


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