Day #14 – Self Discipline

November 14th... How do you maintain self discipline?

Stealing ice chips… no self discipline required. Putting them down husbands back…self discipline required.

Um… what on earth are you talking about? There are so many avenues this can go.

  • Do you mean, not saying things that will upset others?
  • or not eating what you aren’t supposed too?
  • picking up after myself?
  • calling my Mom 5 times a day?

I have to say for each they are a little different.

I have always been pretty darn honest with those closest to me, not thinking too much about the outcome, but I like to think that those people love me for that quality, no? When it comes to people I know less well or strangers, I keep my mouth shut. I am actually pretty much the opposite to them. I get nervous to share my opinion and am concerned that I may say the wrong thing…so I say nothing.

For example, right now we are living with my brother. I freaked about the fact that he was on his computer working instead of playing outside with his kids…I flipped my lid, told him to close the stupid electronics, put his computer and phone away and get outside. He said, I know I know. He and his wife actually had a bet going to see how long it would take me to let the honesty come flowing and blow about something/anything. Ha. I have no idea who won the bet, but I lasted a good 3 weeks. Cheers to me.

On the flip side, when the workers at Target were standing together, talking extremely loud, using curse words and talking nothing of work and everything about their crazy Friday night, I kept my mouth shut even though the language was definitely not for my 5 year old nephew to hear (or anyone shopping in the store for that matter). They are at work, close your trap and work, or speak in whispers about your personal lives.

Eating what I am not supposed too… everything is okay in moderation, right? Actually, my appetite right now is really weird and I don’t really like sweets (it must be the hormones). But, drive by a checkers and my french fry radar is on high alert. Then my self discipline does click on and I remember everything I gain I really have to lose in 5 months, so I would rather just gain what the baby is needing, not what I think I need.

I pretty much pick up after myself because I hate living in a mess and clutter. Adam and I have written a few times about how our favorite part of moving is when we get to get rid of everything.

So on a daily basis, I like things clean. Granted, Adam will tell you my cleaning methods are absolutely nuts. He actually hates them. Basically, I throw everything into the middle of the room or the hallway and start from scratch to put it all away. He has to leave the room, or the house when I do this because it makes no sense to him.

Calling my mom 5 times a day, I do this without hesitation, requires no self discipline and is actually extremely natural to me.

How do you maintain self discipline?


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