Our first trip, as a trio

For the July 4th holiday, we decided to take a short road trip with Gavin. We figured that it would be the easiest way to break in our new travel buddy.


We rented a car, a Chevy Equinox…which by the way, drove amazing, was super smooth and had enough space for us, all our “stuff” and had superb gas millage.

We booked a hotel, The Holiday Inn Express, Charleston, SC and headed on our way.

We kept to our budget savvyness and packed a cooler full of lunches, dinner and snacks to save us cash, we booked out hotel through hotwire and same with our rental car. Also, for a tip, rent the rental car for a week, even if you don’t use it that long. It is usually much less expensive.


Our plan was to stay three nights in Charleston, SC and one in Savannah, GA. But, in all honesty, after the three nights in Charleston, I was exhausted and we headed home. Although overall it wasn’t a hard daunting trip with the baby, the heat, the lack of sleep, the change in our routine (yes, I will admit it, we have a routine) really had me ready for a 24 hour nap and some major relaxation techniques.

Charleston was beautiful. I mean, everything that Adam and I like in a city, Charleston was it. The old homes, the parks, the shops and little restaurants. The walk-ability, the extremely kind natives, the baseball team 🙂 It was hot, and rainy.

We did realize that every time we travel it rains, see San Francisco, Vietnam, and Seattle.


We went to the South Carolina Aquarium, drove through the Magnolia Plantation, caught a RiverDogs baseball game, ate at Jestine’s Kitchen, the Blind Tiger Pub, and Andolini’s, and I swear saw Catherine Bell at Magnifilous Toy Emporium.

Gavin spent the majority of the time in our Ergo, which now that we are back home, we invested in a much lighter weight wrap for him.


We did stop in Savannah on our way home, but the heat and the crowd, plus our exhaustion sent us driving home after only a few hours of walking around the city.

Now, the difference of traveling with a 10 week old versus traveling on our own…’

  • we stopped every two hours for him to eat
  • we couldn’t drive at night because Gavin really screams when in the car in the dark
  • we had to pack an extra suitcase, his boppy, the stroller, the baby carrier, plenty of diapers (we didn’t want to use the cloth because of the need to dry them in the sun), the breast pump,
  • the extreme heat had us heading to the hotel for rests
  • We spent money and went to attractions we normally wouldn’t (The Aquarium)

Overall, we had a great time. Gavin was a trooper and when we got back, his passport had arrived in the mail (someday soon we now MUST put it to good use).

Where do you think we should we take Gavin for our first trip Internationally?


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