We leave in 42 hours or so and most everything is done, thank god. My Mom and Maryanne both threw us excellent goodbye parties this weekend and all of our closest friends showed up. It was great to see everyone and know that we have their support.

Our apartment is packed and cleaned, Our suitcases are packed, but need a diet, they are too heavy and we are all set.

Olive left today for Korea and it was very sad to see her go. But in a way, it was a relief. I was calling up through this morning to be sure everything would be okay with her.
She is flying on Delta to Atlanta and then on to Korea. will be picking her up, clearing her in customs and bringing her to us on Friday at the airport.

We are ready to go.



  1. We are ready for you! If you arrive on Friday night, we’ll see you! Saturday we are headed to the beach for the weekend after it rained last weekend. I hope all your travels are smooth and comfortable (Olive’s too)!


  2. Adam and Nicole, I stumbled on your blog and have been skimming your year in Korea. Mike and I have accepted contracts to teach in Gwangu and are bringing our pets. we are a little nervous about traveling on the plane with them but, are excited to explore Korea with them. Would you recommend using petairline or would you just bring them on the plane with you? We are traveling from Minneapolis and most tickets have a layover in Chicago and Tokyo, then the travel from Incheon to Gwangu. I'm glad i found your blog, it has gotten us so excited for Gwangu and Korea.Thank you,Akasha and Mike


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