Avalon/Reading Star Sports Day….hooorah!!

So I have a few minutes between class and since i’m about to blog about a work function i feel less guilty about utilizing company time and resources for my own personal use. Anyways, we had a work function of sorts this past weekend in the form of an outdoor sports event that pitted the 3 campuses against each other in a battle for bragging rights. The day started at 8am with us all meeting at Avalon to hop a bus to the Mokpo Maritime University which is about an hour and a half away. Breakfast was served on the bus and in true Korean style, it was Kimbop (gimbop?) which is something like sushi but it had a lil egg and ham in it to make it more breakfasty….but not really.

Once there we broke up into integrated teams with members of the other schools to perform “missions” for a prize. My team came in 7th while Nicoles got 2nd. Here’s our team trying to complete one mission which was to have a photo taken while we were all in the air…..which was a failure here 😉

The initial event was the balloon pop which was nicely demonstrated by this dynamic duo which resulted in a a fairly easy win by the Bongsun Avalon team (my team).

After the balloon pop was the arm wrestling which was taken by Reading Star (Nicole’s team) and featured some mighty strong women using brute force i’m not even sure they knew they had.

After the Arm wresting was the jump rope which was actually alot more difficult than most of the teams had anticipated. Something about getting 12 people to jump at the same time just wasn’t happenin. Gumho Avalon took this one (Red Shirts). Here’s a video of Bongsun Avalon coming up 4 jumps short but looking fanstastic doing so.


After the jump rope was much anticipated “tug-of-war” event that featured every member of each school going toe to toe in the ultimate test of strength between the schools. After Reading Star handled Gumho, it was our turn. Even with the Reading Star team being slightly worn from the previous battle, they proved too strong and determined and won this event leaving it all on the line for the 600 meter relay to determine the grand champion of the day.

The relay was actually run twice as the first run was deemed to be short by 200 meters somehow. The final race was a thriller if i do say so myself with the Bongsun team trailing the Gumho campus after the first 200 meters. I was the second leg so i did my best to give us a push and in the end it worked as we took the gold and the overall champions seat!!!

I should point out that I was graciously awarded the days MVP and did recieve a saweet cordless vacuum which might not seem that cool but when you have shedding animals in your crib like Olive and Nicole, its a gift from the good housekeeping gods.

The day finished off with a BBQ and a sleepy ride home but all in all it was a great day and a very cool way to bring the natives and the foreign teachers a bit closer. Needless to say, moral at my school has been bolstered but I think Reading Star was pretty stoked about the tug of war which made taking 2nd on the day not so bad.

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