Waffles in Belgium!

Belgium was only a mere hour from Amsterdam and on our way to France, so we decided to take a nice stroll through it’s capital, Brussels…which also turned out to be the capital of the EU.
After spending the night at a truck stop, whose rhythmic traffic put me fast to sleep, we headed off into the city. Adam wanted to take the wheel to ease all the pressure off me, but at the end of a tunnel ride entering the city, the passenger side mirror has a meeting with a guard post… Thank goodness the post was plastic and just gave us a scare, I took over the wheel again, we were both a little nervous at that point.

So we made it to the city and then drove around forever looking for a place where it was ok to part the Red Ride.
Brussels turned out to be quite nice and fairly new, due to alot of war damage most of the buildings has to be rebuilt. The city has a similar look to DC, with a bit of age and round abouts to make it more European.

We ordered a Belgian waffle, complete with strawberries, nutella and cream…delish!
We saw the famous manniken pis, which unknown to us was a whole foot tall and a bit of a let down.

The old hotel de’ville and market place were beautiful sites with extremely classy architecture. After only a 3 hour tour we paid our 7 euro parking pass and decided to head south to France for dinner.

The traffic leaving the city was horrendous, diving in the RR was a pain, we folded in the mirrors (better illegal than unsafe) and crept along the streets. The drivers were not so kind to the big Red Wagon trying to make it’s way through the streets. A very nice but tough MP strolled over to our window and explained that there was a rally going on with over 80,000 people (we saw the red vs neon green everywhere) and we’d be better off parking for a few hours instead of wasting gas and put putting through town. But, I wanted France! So, I set to work on the GPS and delivered us a new backroad route to France. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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