Let’s Yokohama!

Big news is happening in the Damiano household! To put it out there, we are moving to Yokohama Japan. I am excited! Adam is excited! We have done nothing but daydream about what we will experience. 
And, those of you who know me, know this is not entirely true. I am also making to do lists and Adam is spending a lot of time laughing at me and my craziness. So, here are the exciting facts.
I was hired by a school ISE-English There, I will be teaching anyone from ages 2 to adult one on one or a very small class of 4-6. Each student has their own personal goal whether it be business English, tourist English, singing songs in English and well, tons of other personal goals with learning and mastering the English language. I will work Saturday – Wednesday 1-9 (daytime on the weekends) Adam will be given a spousal visa and begin his job hunt shortly after we arrive.

We will be living at the Aobadai Social Apartment. I am not sure of our exact address but when I know, I will post it for you all.  If you have google earth, you can paste this into the address and look at the surroundings 神奈川県横浜市青葉区たちばな台2丁目8-4 (that is the buildings address in Japanese) 
We will be leaving on February 6th, we will arrive there late on the 7th, take the limo/bus from the airport to Yokohama. My boss Tim will pick us up there and bring us to our new home. We then will have the 8th to explore the city, take some pictures and get a few things for the apartment (and rest). Then, on the 9th, I will begin training for a week before I start teaching. 
Between now and then we have a lot to do to empty out our place. We have a trip planned to San Francisco the 25-30th and on the 31st, Olive and I are flying to Florida. She will be staying with Grandma and Papa for 6 months before she comes to Japan. (it is mandatory 180 days from the date of her Titer Test)
Thats all for now, Ill keep you updated and hopefully Adam will start feeling inspired to blog again for all of you adoring readers of our blog 🙂

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